About us

About us

Who are we?

Hi folks, we are Putt and Ting, a couple that loves travelling and photography. Our travelling goals are to capture beautiful landscape and amazing wildlife with our own cameras and to experience those amazing moments in front our own eyes. We love the feeling of being so small in such a big nature. We love the excitements of seeing bears, wolfs, whales, moose, and all the animals living their lives in the wild.

We started this blog to share our memories with the world. We also hope that information that we have in our trips will inspire and benefit you when you are planning your own. Most of our trips involve driving because we would like to catch sunrise and sunset. Our trips might not be the most budget one, but they are acceptable. We believe that we should experience the most out of the trip as we might not be able to come back again. We eat good food and pay if we believe that worth the experience that we will get.

I hope you enjoy our blog. You can also reach us at on Facebook here

See you on the trail!!.

Putt and Ting

Putt is a Ph.D student in Computer Engineering at Purdue University, in West Lafayette, IN. He acts as a photographer and an editor of this blog. He loves to travel around the world and take photos. His main subjects are landscape and wildlife and, sometimes, his girlfriend, Ting.

Ting is a photographer and the main writer for this blog. She likes eating. All food we eat during our trips is based on her decisions. Ting loves wild animals, especially bears. She wishes one day she will get an opportunity to study animals and their behavior 🙂